automobile, sidewalk, crowd


I barely noticed that they placed me in a flag-draped automobile and that, accompanied by an escort, it progressed slowly down a wide avenue, while crowds of people on the sidewalks, children and adults, cheered enthusiastically. --We drove through a large park, many times larger than Kongens Have ("The King's Garden", a park in Copenhagen), and here, too, there were rows upon rows of people, and finally we stopped in front of a statue - and lo and behold, it was myself, and looked just like me, sitting with a young swan at my feet. -- Then my heart melted, then all the memories of hardship disappeared, all of the fears and old sorrows fled my mind, and I felt humble, grateful, deeply moved, but also joyful and consoled. My poor efforts of the pen had been successful after all; even here in the fairytale land of the wild redskins was I known and understood.