David Iversen


Christmas, Writer, Publish


As one of the major Danish-American immigrant writers

of the early 20th century, Carl Hansen wrote short stories,

sketches, and one novel, co-founded (with Oscar W. Lund)

The Christmas journal Julegranen, and published Dansk Jul i

Amerika in 1909. This paper will focus on three stories,

published in Landmrend: Fortrellinger by Dansk Boghandel

in Cedar Falls, Iowa in 1908, which have Christmas as a

theme. The three stories are: For 30 aar siden (30 Years

Ago"), Bowlegged Joe ("Bowlegged Joe"), and Gamle Hans

Nielsen's sidste Jul ("Old Hans Nielsen's Last Christmas").

What follows is a brief look at "Carl Hansen's concept of

Christmas" as it appears in this one collection of short

stories, which, as Hansen states in his "Forward to

Kandsmrend, have been previously published in different

weekly papers, magazines, and Christmas annuals.