Marius Larsen


emigration, Denmark, travel


The hour of departure falls on this day, a busy one for me. I have made good use of Christen Knudsen, my travel companion, in tieing up and transporting my baggage. "Cimbria" got under way at precisely eight o'clock, a large crowd on the dock waving farewell. Many of them were our friends and relatives. My parents came on board with us and there said their sad goodbyes. It hurts me to leave them; I hope for their sake, and for ours, that our future will develop in such a way as to make them happy that we left. We had a very pleasant trip to Copenhagen (from Aalborg). Contrary to expectations, the weather was fine and the sea calm. I found a place to sleep but returned to the deck and spent all night strolling back and forth enjoying the lovely weather and chatting with the sailors. The machinist informed me that "Cimbria" uses between 71 and 74 tons of coal from Aalborg to Copenhagen according to how the weather is. Having plenty of time to pace the deck, I found the ship to be approximately 100 paces from stern to stem.