Marius Larsen


Danish Lutheran Church, Oregon, Junction city, Danish colonies


Pastor Marius Larsen was one of the many Danish preachers who served Danish Lutheran Churches in the United States for a time and then returned to Denmark to accept pastorates in that country. Larsen served the Junction City, Oregon "Danish" Church in the late 1920s, and into the early 1930s, when he accepted a call to serve the Nathaniel Lutheran Church in Dagmar, Montana. He returned to Denmark in the mid 1930s and became pastor of the Als congregation located at the eastern end of "Limfjord," directly east of the city of Aalborg. While there he wrote a book about Danes he had met in Oregon, which he published during the German occupation of Denmark, in 1943. It is entitled Oregon Dage og LandsmcEnds SkcEbner (Oregon Days and the Destinies of Countrymen), and consists of 13 chapters, each one a story about an individual and whatever it was about that person that Larsen thought was unique. Half of the chapters describe people who live in Oregon, but outside of Junction City. The others deal with Junction City residents. The chapter titled Gribskov, tells the story of one man and his family with origins in Junction City who moved east of the Cascade Mountains in order to buy cheaper land. We believe Larsen's sketches of life in a Danish colony in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, in the 1920s, have genuine historical value and human interest. We are considering translating additional chapters from his book.