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Danish family history, Danish immigrants, Danish settlements


Anders Laugesen Nielsen Kirkegaard (1860-1940), son of Lauge Nielsen and Sidsel Marie Kristiansen, was born in Harbo0re, Ringk0bing Parish, Ringk0bing County, Denmark, on October 4, 1860. After attending grade school near his home, he moved to Copenhagen where he became a carpenter's apprentice. At the age of eighteen, having a workable knowledge of God, he felt a calling toward the ministry. He wondered whether he should go to Asia or America. With the help of friends, Kirkegaard chose the latter. Kirkegaard returned to Copenhagen where he had been a carpenter and a soldier, and a student at the Copenhagen School of Technology. Kirkegaard studied at a missionary school in Copenhagen. In 1883, his application to the Board of Directors of the Danish-American Mission for the ministry was accepted.