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Born the 4th of August 1851. Son of Niels Kristensen and wife, Karen Marie (born Rasmussen). I have very few recollections from my childhood. Father, I can remember, but only faintly. However, I can remember the birth of a little sister and can recall she was very sick and weak. She suffered from a contagious sickness, which was very dangerous. After she fell ill, I was sent to my grandparents in Sk0rring. I don't know how old I was then, but that is where I grew up. I shall try, from memory, to picture the character and life of my grandparents. Grandfather was a quiet and modest man but no doubt a very able farmer, given the knowledge at that time. He was good to everyone and very much liked by his peers. In short, he was a typical Danish farmer, honest as the day was long, in all his affairs. I was unquestionably Grandfather's boy. I always went to him with my little sorrows. He would then take my hand and as we walked hand-in-hand he would comfort me. I would eagerly have walked with him all day. I can remember that when I had developed to the point where I could sing (we had a hired girl who had taught me to sing some songs) then I sang for him. Somewhat later I learned to sing hymns, and then I sang the hymn (his own, he said), "I walk in danger where'r I go." My! how happy he then could be. That song was, by the way, sung at his funeral. I can recall when king Frederik the Seventh died. I came from school, went over to my Grandfather to tell him that the king had died. He then said, "Lord God, my boy, is the King dead! We shall now have war." Then he cried. Yes, and Denmark did become involved in war.