Danish emigration, Mormon missionaries, LDS Church


What might be told about the many of our countrymen who have emigrated from little Denmark and scattered throughout the world would not always make pleasant listening. Our common mother has not always rejoiced because of the children who have left her shores. Many a son and daughter have strayed so far that their heritage has been totally forgotten. On the other hand, there have been many who have carried the best of Denmark's culture with them. Of those who immigrated to America, Wm. J. Knudsen is no doubt one of the most noted. Another, whose life and work came to a close in America, was Jacob A. Riis. His name stands out in many minds because of the numerous bibliographical descriptions of him and because of his own writings. We who in later years came to live in the United States and Canada were soon made aware of other names which had gained renown in the new nations beyond our own circles, Christian Bay, G. B. Christensen, and Professor Vig to mention just a few.