Thorvald Hansen


Minnesota, education, theological seminary


In the fall of 1927 Johannes Knudsen began what was to be a lifelong teaching career. For the next eight years he was to teach at Grand View College and in the theological seminary there. He taught courses in Danish as well as in Scandinavian literature. In the Seminary his specialty was Church History. It was far from his first contact with Grand View. He had lived there as a youth, from 1912 until 1915, while his father was president of that institution. Later he attended the high school department there. In 1920, when his parents returned to Denmark, he went with them. During the next few years he matriculated at the University of Copenhagen, earning the degree of Candidate Magnus in 1927, the year of his return to America. He became a teacher at Grand View College and remained there until 1935, at which time he was ordained into the ministry, having been called to serve the congregation at Askov, Minnesota.