Caroline Olsen


Danish organizations, Danish heritage, Danish culture


At several of Danebo Home summer festivals little one-act pieces were performed out on the lawn. Yes, there was a time when practically everyone of Danish origin understood and was happy to hear the Danish language. Now it is seldom that anything is done in Danish, although there is still the singing of Danish songs, especially in the Danish Reading Circle. This "Laesekreds" has existed for I don't know how many years. It is perhaps a continuation of St. Peder's Church Young People's Society. This latter group has certainly also been a live circle of men and women who met the last Saturday of the month, nearly always in private homes. There could be heard our lovely Danish songs, both before and after a well planned program. Unfortunately, due to the relentless law of nature, the members of the Reading Circle become fewer for every year that goes by. But the elderly circle did not hesitate to support the new Danish Fellowship Center and whatever good that can be done to preserve our Danish heritage.