Harold Jensen


Rasmus B. Nielsen, Denmark, journey, translation


Many years ago, possibly when I was seventeen years of age, my grandfather, Rasmus B. Nielsen (affectionately called R.B.) asked me if I would write the account of his experiences as a young man emigrating from Denmark in 1878, with Dannebrog, Nebraska as his destination and future home. I said I would. We had several sessions at the kitchen table in his home near Nysted by Dannebrog, Nebraska. He sat in his captain's chair, and I in a straight-backed kitchen chair. He dictated in Danish while I jotted down what he said. I filed these notes and for some years I feared that I had lost them. In a recent move I found them. The pages are now yellowed, but the writing is legible. The following pages are a translation of those notes, which tell of one episode in an immigrant's life - an episode experienced by many who came to settle in this great land.