emigration, Danish literature, working class, Americanization


Here are several short quotations from Enok Mortensen 's fiction for the purpose of showing its primary themes: " . .. for you emigrants, nothing is ever as good as it was in Denmark . .. you always have to compare . .. Over here one always possesses a peculiar unrest-only another hundred dollars, a thousand, or a million dollars more. In the old country everything was ordered and secure . .. Sons followed in the footsteps of their fathers, but as a rule they didn't get any farther either . .. Here in America it was the Golden Chance that egged one on, that always pushed one feverishly forward . .. It wasn't only the possibility of scraping some money together that bound him to his adopted land; it was the right to stand alone and independent . .. I am an immigrant-that is the crux of it-because of it one has a split personality, a damned rootlessness; nowhere is one at home, nowhere at peace. "