San Antonio, Texan Cultures, diverse cultural heritage, history, ethnicity


Located in downtown San Antonio, the Institute of Texan Cultures is a publicly-financed research and information center focusing on the diverse cultural heritage of Texas. More than a million visitors annually crowd its large exhibition hall - originally built as a part of HemisFair '68 - to view on-going displays and presentations on more than two dozen national, cultural, and racial groups who have contributed to Texas history. In addition to the exhibits, the Institute has an extensive publication program. The Danish Texans is the nineteenth work in its ethnic series on The Texians and The Texans. Written by John L. Davis, Director of Research at the Institute, The Danish Texans represents a significant upgrading of the ethnic series. Earlier publications, which appeared in pamphlet form with very limited text a:1d few references, were designed to serve as supplemental school materials. In contrast, The Danish Texans is a full-blown book with considerable documentation.