Danish-American, George Johnson, Danish language, newspaper, Michigan


In the fall of 1895 an ambitious Danish-American businessman named George Johnson took over the editorship of a Danish language newspaper being published in the town of Greenville, Michigan . (It is not known how long the previous editor, C.N. Miller, had been running the paper) . George Johnson stated in his first editorial (26 September, 1895) that it was his intention to fulfill the need for a Danish paper in the state of Michigan. In his paper Danish language readers were to be supplied with local, national, and foreign news, advertisements, and a means for Danish-Americans to voice their views. He made a special appeal for readers : " .. . In this area alone there are enough Danes to support a Danish newspaper Danes! Don't let the hope I put on Dansk Folkeblad be let down. Help me one and all!" (26 September, 1895)