Georg Strandvold, Danish Americans, newspapers, Danish literature


A bronze plaque that honors Georg Strandvold's memory hangs in Rebild's Blokhus, succinctly summing up the influence he had in his time on thousands of Danish Americans: Skirbent og redaktor i i Amerika i 57 ar. Trofast talsmand for Danmark.

That long career was also versatile. During those 57 years Georg Strandvold wrote for the best known Danish newspapers in the U.S. - Norden, Nordlyset, Den Danske Pioneer, Ugebladet, Dannevirke, Bien - and worked on two American dailies, the Racine Journal and the Grand Forks Herald. For 31 years he also sat on the editorial staff of Decorah-Posten, the largest of the Norwegian-American newspapers, with about 10,000 Danish subscribers. He was perhaps the only Danish " pressemand" in this country to write Danish, English, and Norwegian equally well. As Albert Van Sand, Nordlyset editor, noted in 1928: "Saa er der kun saa meget mere Grund for os hans Landsmaend i Amerika at vaere stolte herover." Aside from his newspaper jobs, Georg Strandvold lectured innumerable times to Danish-American and American audiences, and wrote poems, short stories (many for Julegranen); and articles about Danish literature (for American handbooks and encyclopedias).