Degree Name



Germanic and Slavic Languages



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First Faculty Advisor

Michelle Stott James

Honors Coordinator

V. Stanley Benfell


The ongoing problem of providing undergraduate students the real experience of research to prepare them for graduate school and careers has found a possible solution in mentored research. Additionally, online dissemination of research provides opportunities for mentored research to reach a wide audience without the barriers of traditional publishing. Important in this process is assuring the relevance of student research which requires a topic the student both enjoys and excels at. Students benefit from this research with a customized curriculum, where they are able to contribute to academia and strengthen their resume. Through my work on the Sophie project, I was able to benefit in these ways through my preparation of texts written by early female German authors. I also worked heavily on the development of the project, designing the sites for the expanded sections of the site focusing on different areas of women's research. I implemented my research on the technical efficiency of the website, which has produced amazing results.