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Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Science


Life Sciences

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First Faculty Advisor

Rickelle Richards

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Benjamin Crookston

Honors Coordinator

Jeffery Tessem


Nutrition education, micronutrient supplementation, survey, micronutrient deficiency, humanitarian, international


This paper utilizes survey responses from local coordinators of LCF, an international micronutrient supplementation humanitarian organization, to provide insight into the challenges and personal rewards of providing nutrition education to parents of malnourished children. LCF is based in Utah and operates in 19 countries throughout the world. LCF recently introduced a series of health lessons geared toward parents of malnourished children. A survey was sent to LCF workers in 12 countries in order to gather feedback about the health lessons. Qualitative survey responses are explored, and potential suggestions for future changes to the health lessons are proposed. Additionally, data gathered about changes in children’s WAZ, HAZ, and WHZ scores are analyzed alongside survey data about the number of health lessons given in each area. The thesis concludes with a brief overview of the author’s personal experiences with LCF.