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Marriott School of Management

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Dr. Simon Greathead

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Dr. John Gardner

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Dr. Mark Hansen


China, United States, Negotiation, Cross-cultural, Guanxi, Holistic Thinking


Numerous scholarly works have explored the intricacies of negotiating with China. This paper aims to add value to previous research by providing insights deduced from cross-cultural communication with individuals from the People's Republic of China (PRC), while emphasizing the advantages of adaptation of Chinese business culture by U.S. negotiators. The United States Institute of Peace observed several biases among U.S. negotiators including a tendency to accept initial solutions prematurely, as well as a lack of understanding regarding counterparts' objectives and contextual circumstances (Quinney 2002). The strengths of Chinese business culture help remedy these tendencies and inform Western negotiators how different frameworks can assist in domestic and international negotiations. The narrative begins with an exploration of the evolving dynamics between the United States and China. Next, the concept of guanxi, the heart of Chinese culture, is examined for its potential application in improving Western negotiation approaches. This leads into the value of the Chinese holistic approach to negotiation. Lastly, the paper contrasts the methodologies of Western negotiators with those of their Chinese counterparts, demonstrating the way for a comprehensive understanding of negotiation dynamics in cross-cultural contexts.