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Dr. Gordy Mower

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Dr. Patrick Madden III

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Dr. Ryan Christensen


Agency, Essay, Ignorance, Epistemology, Friendship, Solipsism, Narcissism, Problem of Change, Compatibilism


My thesis examines different ways that I am ignorant through a philosophical lens. Through examining my ignorance, I gain insight into myself and the world. However, the kinds of ignorance that interest and irk me the most are fundamental to life. I explore two major sources of ignorance and reference many more. The first source of ignorance is myself. Myself includes my body, my emotions, and my actions. I can partially control each of these, but they also are not fully understood by me. I explore who I am as a self and what my moral responsibility is in the context of self-ignorance. The second source of ignorance is other people. I have moderate access to my own mind, but the minds of others are separated from me by a gulf. Yet, I desperately need other people. I explore how I can understand other people and overcome coordination problems despite the distance between myself and others. I conclude my thesis with explaining why I believe in God and why I believe he has made me fundamentally ignorant. Because ignorance provides a space for faith and wrestling with questions. Those activities help me feel alive. And I doubt I will find the complete answers in this life.