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Visual Arts


Fine Arts and Communications

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First Faculty Advisor

Collin Bradford

First Faculty Reader

Daniel Everett

Second Faculty Reader

Jennifer Haraguchi

Honors Coordinator

Brian Christensen


sound art, wonderment, spiritual objects, palimpsest, catholic traditions, contemporary art


This project is meant to contextualize the art installation Hosts within research regarding ritual, relics, and the concepts of gesture and sites which accumulate in human connection and wonderment. It investigates the historical and philosophical significance of Catholic relics regarding their ability to conjure connection between an audience and their divinity as well as play host to a sense of awe. Additionally, this essay will explore the terms gesture and site as they relate to the ability to create moments of interaction between spans of time, context, and intention. The work will also examine the particular experiences encountered in Rome, Italy at San Clemente, Scala Santa, and Santa Maria Antiqua as they relate to the aforementioned ideas, and those in relationship to the art of sound-based artists like Janet Cardiff and Susan Philipsz. Finally, this essay will address the qualities of Hosts as they emanated from these observations and concepts to encapsulate wonder and offer up sites for connection.