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Life Sciences

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Dr. Stephen Piccolo

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Dr. Ran Li

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Dr. Steven Peck


bioinformatics, coexpression


Nicotiana attenuata has been widely studied for its ecological plant-herbivore relationships and response to environmental stress. The jasmonate signaling pathway regulated by jasmonate ZIM-domiain (JAZ) repressor proteins that modulate defense response levels has been of particular focus in this research. While our understanding of the genes associated with defense response and their regulation continues to expand, the transcriptional regulation of these genes is largely uncharacterized. In an effort to provide insight into these relationships, we performed genomewide analysis of transcript level data in order to predict transcription factors (TFs), their respective binding sites (TFBS), and the genes they regulate. We identified 27 unique TF-TFBS pairs and 507 genes containing cis-elements associated with these TFs. We also identified gene sets enriched for chloroplast structure and function, ribosomal structure and function, cell membrane components, and ATP binding gene ontology. Our motif enrichment and co-expression analysis results suggest that JAZb may be regulated by TFs MYC2a and MYC2b and that TF WRKY3 may be part of a self-regulation loop.

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