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Political Science


Family, Home, and Social Sciences

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Brigham Daniels

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Adam Brown

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Darin Self


Climate Change, Climate Communication, EPA, Press Release


Because the United States is responsible for such a large percent of the world’s emissions, its actions to combat climate change is especially significant. As the main speaker for the U.S. on climate change, it is important the EPA uses effective communication strategies. In this paper we evaluated the effectiveness of the EPA’s communication. To do so, we evaluated publicly available press releases from the EPA from 1997 to 2022. To measure effectiveness, we incorporated a range of factors that climate communication experts have identified as particularly important. Our analysis found that the EPA effectively communicates in light of some of these measures: it leverages partnerships, frames climate change as a national interest, references vulnerable populations, and focuses on upsides of taking climate action outside of addressing global warming. However, we also found the EPA can improve its communication by using more apolitical messengers, quoting more experts, referencing more specific events, framing climate action as a gain or loss, focusing on reducing greenhouse gases, and drawing application to individuals’ lives.