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Marriott School of Management

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Ryan Elder

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Matt Madden

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Mark Hansen


logo design, visual branding, brand loyalty, consumer reactance, consumer sentiment, social media sentiment


Past research has explored the relationship between logo redesigns and consumer behavior, specifically detailing the influence of brand connection on consumer processing of logo redesigns. Such research has found that variations in logo design have key implications on consumer connection to brands in ways that influence brand attitude. Key constructs explored include brand loyalty and commitment, the extent or style of changes in redesigns, and visual processing of logos as a means of determining future behaviors. While prior research emphasizes the influence of loyalty and connection to brands in relation to consumer processing of logo redesigns, research has not fully analyzed consumer reactance when presented with different styles and contexts of logo redesign, as determined through social media sentiment.

Based on analysis of social media sentiment following logo redesigns of popular brands, this thesis aims to explore various degrees of consumer reactance to logo changes and provide a projection to hypothesize reactions to future logo redesigns based on the style and context in which redesigned logos are presented to consumer and new media. This research is intended to act as a first step to further research regarding consumer iv perception of brand motives—or reasoning—for launching redesigned logos by focusing on consumer reactions to various styles, degrees of change, and contexts behind logo redesigns.