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Political Science


Family, Home, and Social Sciences

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Celeste Beesley

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Darren Hawkins

Honors Coordinator

Ethan Busby


CSR, FDI, Development, Kenya, Political Economy, International Relations


This study runs a survey experiment in the United States, the home country, and Kenya, the host country, to understand how CSR (corporate social responsibility) affects views towards MNCs (multinational corporations) and FDI (foreign direct investment) from a business and political standpoint. When analyzing the combined CSR treatment that pays no attention to CSR type, I find little effect on perceptions of FDI and MNCs in both the Kenyan and American sample, besides for how the Americans saw positive spill-over effects of CSR to mean the MNC was a good company in a variety of ways. When the CSR treatment was analyzed in its separate types, internal and external, I saw more nuanced results. Internal CSR particularly improved perceptions of FDI and MNCs for the Americans. Kenyans, on the other hand, still proved to be less swayed by CSR treatments.