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Linguistics and English Language


Fine Arts and Communications

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Jamin Creed Rowan

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Sarah Reed

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Alan Manning


Obituary, London, Ant-Conc


This thesis is an analysis of the vocabulary and phrases used in obituaries written in London during World War II and in the first five years following the war. During the war, both the length and content of the obituaries was significantly different, as the subjects and manner of death during those years was also significantly different. During the post-war years, the subjects and content followed a lengthier format and were generally for older community members who died of natural causes. This change in structure was affected by the nature and frequency of death. The tone of the writing was also affected by the war and the affect it had emotionally on British citizens. Those obituaries written during the war were of a more memorial nature and were shorter due to the overwhelming frequency of deaths that occurred. Post-war obituaries were longer and were able to focus more on the individual due to the changing nature of most people’s lives at that point.