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Dr. Len Novilla

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Dr. Jeff Glenn

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Dr. Lori Spruance

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Dr. Len Novilla


preventive care, social determinants of health, community resources, primary care, screening tool


A survey was conducted to screen for social factors that may negatively affect the health of patients being seen by physicians at the Revere Health Family Medicine Clinic in Payson, Utah. Patients who expressed the need for local community services and resources were referred to these services by researchers via phone after physicians were consulted. Out of 690 individuals who visited the clinic between November 11 to December 2, 2019, the survey was administered to and filled out completely by 169 patients. Demographic information on participants was not collected to reduce response time and encourage participation. One hundred and twelve patients were found to have at least one social factor that could negatively affect their health. The social factors with the greatest prevalence were related to financial problems such as difficulty paying bills (41.4%) or purchasing food (17.2%), and having an unstable source of income (14.2%). Patients who identified as having these needs, especially those with issues buying food, were at a significantly higher risk of experiencing at least one other social issue (OR=19.2). The largest barrier in this study was the lack of full facility participation in survey administration due to the limited time of the clinic staff. This can be addressed in future research by integrating the paper screening tool into existing electronic systems.


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