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Public Health


Life Sciences

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Dr. Lori Allen

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Dr. Richard Gill

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Dr. Len Novilla


Rheumatic Heart Disease, Rheumatic Relief, Global Health, Health Education Intervention, Program Planning, Samoa


This paper reviews the impact of rheumatic heart disease (RHD) in Samoa and assesses the effectiveness of a caregiver education intervention by using data collected during the 2019 Rheumatic Relief Program trip. A pre- and post- survey collection tool was used to evaluate the effectiveness of current educational efforts among Samoan child caregivers. Dr. Richard Gill and Dr. Lori Allen, who are both BYU Department of Biology professors and Rheumatic Relief directors, participated in the creation of this program evaluation and completion. This project aims to assess the current caregiver education intervention program used in Rheumatic Relief and provide clear and actionable program recommendations for the Rheumatic Relief caregiver education intervention using the seven phases of the Evidence-Based Planning Framework for Public Health. Results of evaluation indicate caregivers have a high level of understanding regarding causes of strep throat and proper treatment of strep throat, resulting in only modest gains of knowledge as a consequence of existing caregiver understanding. Nevertheless, the aforementioned results create an opportunity to continue refining health education approaches among caregivers and develop quality and groundbreaking health education interventions for Samoan caregivers resulting in increased knowledge and self-efficacy of Samoan caregivers as they improve their child’s environment, prevent or treat strep throat infections and seek medical care for their children.


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