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Marriott School of Management

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Dr. Scott Webb

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Dr. Tom Foster

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Dr. Mark Hansen


In a competitive global market place, technology adoption and application in supply chain is becoming increasingly important as companies seek to acquire competitive advantages. Since blockchain’s advent to the global stage of modern disruptive technologies, several questions remain unanswered pertaining to the benefits that blockchain adoption poses to global supply chains. I apply a typology analysis to a corpus of company filings, press releases and industry studies to better understand the reasons for which global supply chains industry wide are adopting blockchain technology and the specific benefits which they seek to exploit through the use of blockchain. I characterize the intentions of management in a variety of companies and industries through the application of importance scores applied to company management’s expressed reasons for blockchain adoption into their global supply chains. I standardize analysis by industry and key blockchain benefits applied to supply chains. As a final application, I apply a case study analysis to early adopters of blockchain to assess intentionality in adopting blockchain and the expected supply chain benefits that are expected to result therefrom.