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Spanish and Portuguese



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Daryl Hague

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William Carr

Honors Coordinator

Gregory Stallings


Hans Vermeer, Lawrence Venuti, Anthony Pym, Spain


La construcción de la marca personal de Coco Chanel a través de sus fotografías was originally written in Spanish by Inmaculada Urrea Gómez as her PhD dissertation in 2015. This thesis includes a translation of the prologue, introduction to section 1, and section 1.1 of Urrea’s dissertation, preceded by a translator’s introduction. The introduction discusses the content of the translated text, provides insight into the translation process, and defines important terms for the reader. The introduction also explores the ideas of translation theorists Hans Vermeer, Lawrence Venuti, and Anthony Pym, comparing and contrasting their ideas in order to explain why the translator ultimately chose to adhere to a foreignization approach in translation. The translated text discusses Coco Chanel’s influence in the fashion industry as the creator of the modern woman. Chanel rose to prominence within the industry in the 1920s, but her brand still remains very influential and successful to this day. To analyze Chanel’s lasting success as both a person and a brand, Dr. Urrea outlines the history of the fashion industry and discusses Chanel’s personal history within that context. By iv reading her words translated into English, readers will learn about the intersection of fashion and social issues throughout history.