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This report details our findings for the Office of the Academic Vice President. Our purpose was to help our client decide whether or not to create a system which combines Student Rating System, Blackboard, Testing Center, iClickers, Grade book on Blackboard and Testing Center, etc. We met with Debra Biser to discover the needs of this department. From the initial interview, we discovered our mission was three fold: (1) to discover what programs should be included, (2) to decide what the name should be, and (3) to determine if the students would resist the change. In order to obtain the answers to our questions, we created a survey. which underwent two revisions; the first revision was after our peers edited it and the second came after Professor Jeff Larson reviewed it. Debra Biser then gave her stamp of approval before the survey was given to the students. Of the approximately 3,500 e-mails which were sent out, 466 faculty and students responded. From the results of the survey, we decided it would be advantageous for the Office of the Academic Vice President to go ahead with the creation of the new system. This report explains what programs should be included in the new system, what the name of the system should be, and if the students would resist the change. Within each section, we further analyze the data by looking separately at both students and faculty. We have done this to demonstrate the difference in the opinion between faculty and students. Marketing research team is comprised of Jorge Mazal, Billy De Groot, Mark Roper, Autume Pease, and Brooke Newman. Cover title.


This is a collection of marketing research case studies of local companies prepared by BYU graduate students.

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