hotels, ski vacation, ski resorts, rate expectations, prospective guests, media


The focusing objectives for the research were provided to use by Hilton Hotels, and include the following:
• Determine the key motivators for choosing a downtown Salt Lake City hotel for ski vacation
• Determine rate expectations for downtown SLC ski accommodations
• Determine how prospective ski guests select hotel accommodations for ski vacations
• Determine importance and influence of specific media on prospective ski guests
• Determine importance of multitude of things offered in downtown SLC to prospective ski guests
• Determine need for or importance of transportation to ski resorts from downtown SLC for ski guests
• Determine which resorts most guests would like to ski while staying in downtown SLC
• Determine origin cities of best prospects
• Determine importance of name brand hotels when selecting ski accommodations
• Determine who makes the actual decision when selecting accommodations for a ski vacation (i.e., husband or wife?)
• Determine why individual do not choose to stay in downtown SLC on ski vacations to the area (i.e., why choose a resort vs. downtown SLC)
• Determine effectiveness of internet on the ski accommodation decision

The survey was designed with the express intention of fulfilling these objectives.


This is a collection of marketing research case studies of local companies prepared by BYU graduate students.

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