office supplies, bookstore, purchasing behaviors


The purpose of this research project is to find the purchasing trends of BYU department secretaries who purchase office supplies in an effort to increase office supply sales for the BYU Bookstore. To achieve this objective, we will answer the following questions: 1. Where do BYU purchasing agents currently shop to fulfill their office supply needs? 2. What aspects of purchasing are most important to the purchasing agents? For example, factors such as price, convenience, selection, etc. 3. How well does the BYU bookstore fulfill the important criteria that the purchasing agents have? 4. What importance is given to online ordering by the purchasing agents and what the BYU Bookstore could do to meet the expectations that purchasing agents have for an office supplies ordering website? 5. What is the current perception of prices at the Bookstore in comparison to other competitors? 6. How willing would the purchasing agents be to switch to make the BYU Bookstore their main supplier if the bookstore where to meet the expectations of the purchasing agents, especially in regards to the bookstore having a user friendly website?

Goal Marketing Research Group is comprised of Bjorn Boyer, Aubri Jones, Justin Norton, and Travis Brashears.


This is a collection of marketing research case studies of local companies prepared by BYU graduate students.

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