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Brick Oven Restaurant was established in 1956 as one of Provo's first pizza parlors, named "Heaps a Pizza." In those days, pizza was a new food and most people had never eaten it. After being an employee since 1958, Glee Zumbrennen purchased the restaurant in 1962. The dining room consisted of folding chairs and a few booths that sat about 75 people. The business continued to grow, and the folding chairs and benches gave way to upholstered booths. Pizza was becoming more popular and Heaps was developing a wide reputation for its delicious pizza. The business was built with great attention to detail, moderate prices, extra friendly service, cleanliness and great pizza, sandwiches, salads, and homemade "Old-Fashioned Root Beer." By 1970 the pizza shop had been remodeled into a nice 236 seat family style restaurant and a decision was made to change the name to Brick Oven Restaurant. In 1985 the restaurant was expanded to 419 seats. As Brick Oven Restaurant continues to improve, they say "We have not made our best pizza yet." With their goal of improvement, they asked our research group, Forum Industries, to conduct research to find out how to increase their sales and remain competitive in a growing industry. Forum Industries is comprised of Matt Bills, Jeremy Matkin and Shalee Summers.


This is a collection of marketing research case studies of local companies prepared by BYU graduate students.

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