undergraduate, nursing, student, empathy, Jefferson Scale of Empathy, In Her Shoes, intimate partner violence, domestic violence, education


The purpose of this Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) education quality improvement project was to evaluate the effectiveness of an undergraduate Community Health Nursing course, IPV simulation and learning activities. This experiential learning activity offered participants an opportunity to temporarily view life from the perspective of actual IPV victims/survivors, and review and discuss IPV statistics, at-risk populations, and warning signs.

The quality improvement project was developed using a mixed-methods quality improvement design. A convenience sample of 35 participants allowed matched-sample statistical analysis of the Jefferson Scale of Empathy Health Professions student version (JSE-HPS version) scores. Pre-to-post JSE-HPS version empathy survey scores increased (p < 0.001). Participant-guided reflective writing responses were reviewed for common themes. Guided reflective writings’ themes indicated enhanced understanding and increased empathy for a victim/survivor’s complex situation.

Breaching barriers to undergraduate nursing students IPV education, faculty prioritized IPV education in the curriculum and Community Health Nursing students embraced the opportunity to learn. Based upon the positive results of the IPV quality improvement project, the IPV simulation and learning activities were shown to be engaging methods for promoting awareness of, and empathy for, IPV victims/survivors among nursing students.

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