Indigenous people, Aboriginal, Australia, Women artists, art, gathering of Israel, dot art


This research documents the female Indigenous Australian artists in the Northern Territory of Australia who are creating Latter-Day Saint narratives using the method of traditional dot art. These pieces of art are visually mesmerizing and filled with important symbolism- both from the perspectives of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints’ and Indigenous Australian culture. Dot art is a sacred method of communication for Indigenous people and traditionally reserved for male tribal members for the purpose of creating symbolic ancient "dream" narratives only to be understood by indigenous Australians. Church narratives have only recently started to be depicted in this style and are a revolutionary development not only in theme but in production, as those who primarily produce this art are female.

Unfortunately, there has been little research or recognition of these artists or the pieces they are producing. This art visually represents a microcosm of a larger movement happening worldwide as church members converge beliefs with cultural tradition. The Church has emphasized the gathering of Israel in recent years and this new category of Latter-Day Saint art demonstrates one aspect of the gathering of Israel (the reconciliation of faith with heritage), which makes this study extremely relevant to church members and to the history of the Church. These women, a minority within church populous, are pioneering a new movement and their stories and talents are deserving of understanding, praise and recognition.

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Humanities, Classics, and Comparative Literature

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