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The purpose of this research project is to analyze the market demand in Utah County for the AirCare air purifier manufactured by Biozone. Using Utah County as a sort of testing ground for this product, we will attempt to determine the demand in the United States for the AirCare air purifier by answering the following questions: 1. Is there a perceived difference between sanitation and cleanliness in the United States? 2. Is there a negative perception in the United States regarding the sanitation of public restrooms? 3. How does the sanitation of a businesses public restroom affect the perception of the average American regarding that business? 4. Is air quality in public restrooms important to the average American? 5. Is the quality of air in a public restroom a deciding fact of as to whether or not an American will use that restroom? 6. How do American's feel about current methods of freshening air that involve chemicals? 7. What is the average American's perception of air-born bacteria in public restrooms? By answering these questions, it is our hope that we will be able to determine if there is a perceived need for the AirCare air purifier in the United States. Nth Existence Research is comprised of Samuel Ahola, Kyle Fraughton, and Brian McCann.


This is a collection of marketing research case studies of local companies prepared by BYU graduate students.

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