Brigham Young University Program Bureau, College entertainment groups, Recreation, Good will ambassadorship


The Brigham Young University Program Bureau has sent between 200 and 700 student programs throughout the world each- year. These programs provide students at Brigham Young University with the opportunity to exercise and increase their talents, and also provide entertainment throughout the world as a representative of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and the United States of America. Several universities have bureaus which send out entertainment groups, but none compare in size or international acclaim to that of Brigham Young University. Recreation is a process of engaging in wholesome activities during leisure time in which an individual participates from choice and receives immediate satisfaction (2). With this definition in mind, Brigham Young University Program Bureau provides recreation not only to the hundreds of student performers, but to thousands of spectators throughout the world who are uplifted by their wholesome shows. As a recreation major and member of the Program Bureau, the investigator discovered that no comprehensive history of the Program Bureau exists, and felt that a study of the origin, organization, and development of the Program Bureau would not only be of interest, but would also prove helpful to other schools desiring to set up a similar program.

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