Layer Theory of Instructional Design, project management, virtual learning teams, online course, instructional development, instructional design, First Principles of Instructional Design


Project management is a subject that is in demand at today’s institutions of higher learning. It is a valuable skill for employees in sectors from instructional design to information technology, and in many other fields. This report summarizes a project to create an online course with content similar to the IS 405 Project Management course in the Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University. A brief literature search is described along with a design model based on the combination of Merrill’s First Principles and Gibbon’s Layer Theory of Instructional Design. The scope of the project was adjusted to be the prototype of the first three sections of course, in addition to designing and outlining the balance of the course. Preliminary usability test results are described as well as an evaluation of this effort. The course’s development will be completed by the BYU Online Department in the near future.

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IP&T 687R Development Project