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This workshop series is designed as a tool to help prevent the pervasive issue of Intimate Partner Violence. The individual workshops focus on the promotion of empowerment, positive communication, gender equality and on building relationship skills between men and women. They also provide opportunities for participants to examine their values and attitudes towards gender and relationships, to build on their knowledge on aspects of sexuality and to develop skills to help them communicate with others and ensure that they are communicating what they desire. The workshops are based on participatory learning approaches as research demonstrates that this method is more effective in building skills and enhancing knowledge. Each session in this workshop focuses on a vital theme in preventing intimate partner violence, it is intended that individuals attend all sessions; however, if time constraints are an issue then the most applicable sessions should be utilized. The manual may be used with any group of people, of any age and both genders, so long as they are prepared to meet together in the community for the workshops and share aspects of their lives.


The College of Nursing showcases some of our best evidence based scholarly papers from graduate students in the Family Nurse Practitioner Program. The papers address relevant clinical problems for advance practice nurses and are based on the best evidence available. Using a systematic approach students critically analyze and synthesize the research studies to determine the strength of the evidence regarding the clinical problem. Based on the findings, recommendations are made for clinical practice. The papers are published in professional journals and presented at professional meetings.

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