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Gertrud Bäumer was a German politician who participated actively in the German rights feminist movement. She was born on September 12, 1873 to a family of pastors. She attended the “Higher School for Girls” in Halle and became an elementary school teacher in Halberstadt, Kamen, and Magdeburg during 1894. Her profession helped to support her mother, who had been a widow and single mother since 1883.

In 1898 she moved to Berlin to deepen her education and became acquainted with Helene Lange, a leader in the teachers movement. Gertrud became active in the Federation of German Women’s Associations. During World War I, she supported the National Women’s Service. Bäumer was opposed to the feminist-pacifist women supporting internationalism in Germany. After the war, she joined the German Democratic Party and was a Reichstag member between 1919 and 1932. She died in Bethel in March 25, 1954.

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