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Henriette de Lemos


Cindy Evans, Brigham Young University


Herz was born on September 5, 1764 to a Portuguese Jewish family. Herz married according to Jewish customs at 15 to Markus Herz a well-known scientist and physician. At this young age Herz garnered a love of contemporary literature. Herz and her husband became well-known for their salons which Markus led discussions for science and Herz led literary discussions that were attended by many notable men and women including Dorothea von Schlegel, Jean Paul Richter, Friedrich Schiller, Mirabeau, Friedrich Rückert, the Danish Barthold Georg Niebuhr, Johannes von Müller, the sculptor Schadow, Salomon Maimon, Friedrich von Gentz, Fanny von Arnstein, Madame de Genlis. After the death of her husband Henriette was influenced greatly by theologian Freidirch Schleieremacher and she converted to Protestantism. Herz died on October 22 1847 and was buried in the cemetery II of the Jerusalem Municipality and New Church. The tomb is located in the Dept. 1, a blank painted, cast iron cross designed by Schinkel adorns the grave.


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