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Christ, Lena, 1881-1920


Lena Christ was a Bavarian writer born in Glonn on October 30, 1881. The happiest memories of her childhood were those created while being raised by her step-grandmother and great-aunt Magdalena Pichler. After her mother married, Lena was forced to work in her parents’ restaurant. She had a love-hate relationship with her mother, who was abusive. In 1898 she went to a monastery in Ursberg, but returned home after one and a half years.

She married an accountant named Anton Leix on November 12, 1901. She suffered many miscarriages, but had three children. Her husband drank more and more frequently and experienced financial difficulties. As a result, Lena parted from him and her children. Their divorce was made official on March 13, 1912.

She earned money by working as a typist, which was how she met Peter Jerusalem, a writer. She married him on August 28, 1912. At the suggestion of Jerusalem, Lena wrote about her experiences, which she published that year. She wrote additional books, some of which were based on her own experiences. They moved to Landshut in 1917 because of military orders given to her husband. While in Landshut, she wrote additional stories.

Lena fell ill with tuberculosis. While in the hospital, she fell in love with a young singer and left her husband. To mitigate her financial distress, she broke the law by falsifying images. She was threatened with imprisonment. After accepting cyanide from her former husband, Jerusalem, she committed suicide in Munich on June 30, 1920.

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