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Luise Cooper


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Cooper, Luise, 1849-1931


Luise Cooper (Adolphine Luise Cooper) was a German aid worker and author born in Neuhaus on April 4, 1849. She grew up in Borstel where her father Carl Ferdinand Cooper held a pastorate. She was often ill, so she was taught at home by her father. She decided to dedicate her life to missionary service due to the examples she saw in her father and her grandfather, Samuel Cooper, who had traveled as a doctor and business man.

On April 21, 1884 Luise was one of the Berlin missionaries sent to Hong Kong. Two years later, she gave up the work due to illness and returned to Germany. She founded the Hildesheim Blindenmission in 1890 and was the society’s head until 1926. Luise died on December 1, 1931.

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