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Kornblumen und Haidekraut



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George Freiherr von Dyherrn, lyrics


Robert McFarland, translator


Marc Reynolds, baritone; Robin Hancock, piano

Sophie's Daughters Concert

My Lover's Ghost: Women Composers and the Musical Sublime

The Fourth Annual Sophie's Daughters' Recital of Germanic Female Composers' Works

21 October, 2005


This work is part of the Sophie Digital Library, an open-access, full-text-searchable source of literature written by German-speaking women from medieval times through the early 20th century. The collection covers a broad spectrum of genres and is designed to showcase literary works that have been neglected for too long. These works are made available both in facsimiles of their original format, wherever possible, as well as in a PDF transcription that promotes ease of reading and is amenable to keyword searching.


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Kornblumen und Haidekraut