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Novel; Roman

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Erster Theil; Elise an Sophie [sic passim]; Eduard an Elise [sic passim]; Hugo an Heinrich [sic passim]; Der Comthur an die Oberhofmeisterin [sic passim]; Sophie an Elise [sic passim]; Heinrich an Hugo [sic passim]; Emma an einen Geistlichen [sic passim]; Rosalie an Agathe [sic passim]; Der Geistliche an Emma [sic passim]; Hugo an Elise [sic passim]; Emma an den Geistlichen [sic passim]; Die Gräfin Ulmenstein an Curd [sic passim]; Elise an Hugo [sic passim]; Emma an Elise [sic passim]; Die Oberhofmeisterin an Sophie! [sic passim]; Der Caplan Tavanelli an Leontin [sic passim]; Rosalie an ihre Mutter [sic passim]; Der Comthur an Sophie [sic passim]; Leontin an Tavanelli [sic passim]; Tavanelli an Leontin [sic passim]; Leontin an den Arzt [sic passim]; Zweiter Theil; Curd an die Gräfin Ulmenstein [sic passim]; Leontin an den Comthur [sic passim]; Madame Lindhof an den Amtmann [sic passim]; Heinrich an Hugo Sophie an den Comthur [sic passim]; Von Sophie [sic passim]; Der Justizrath an den Präsidenten [sic passim]; Agathe an Rosalie [sic passim]; Der Präsident an den Justizrath [sic passim]; Sophie an die Oberhofmeisterin [sic passim]; Curd an Elise [sic passim]; Sophie an Hugo [sic passim]; Der Arzt an Sophie [sic passim]; Der Geistliche an Leontin [sic passim]; Curd an seine Mutter [sic passim]; Elise an die Tante [sic passim]; Hugo durch den rückkehrenden Boten [sic passim]; Die Tante an Elise [sic passim]; Die Oberhofmeisterin an Sophie [sic passim]; Agathe an die Gräfin Ulmenstein [sic passim]; Die Oberhofmeisterin an den Comthur [sic passim]; Madame Lindhof an Sophie [sic passim]; Sophie an Madame Lindho [sic passim]f; Tavanelli an Leontin [sic passim]; Die Gräfin an Agathe [sic passim]


This work is part of the Sophie Digital Library, an open-access, full-text-searchable source of literature written by German-speaking women from medieval times through the early 20th century. The collection covers a broad spectrum of genres and is designed to showcase literary works that have been neglected for too long. These works are made available both in facsimiles of their original format, wherever possible, as well as in a PDF transcription that promotes ease of reading and is amenable to keyword searching.

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Frankfurt am Main : Friedrich Wilmans