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Sigma is Brigham Young University’s undergraduate student journal focused on political science and international relations. We accept all kinds of papers: qualitative, quantitative, experimental; shorter research notes, book reviews, policy briefs, and longer research papers. We are willing to explore a variety of topics, from American and comparative politics to security and area studies. Student work may originate from a class assignment or from mentored research with a faculty member.

The editors generally select papers in September and December for revision during the Fall and Winter Semesters, but submissions are welcome throughout the year. The only requirement is that students are willing to spend time during Fall or Winter semester making revisions to your paper based on feedback from Sigma's editors. The journal is published annually in April. Submit your paper now! To submit articles for possible publication, see our website at http://politikos.byu.edu/Sigma/

Current Volume: Volume 40 (2023)

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A Letter From the Editor
Marissa Gerber Pinnock



Local Partisan Agreement and Trust
Mike Pulsipher and Kelsey Eyre

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