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Swiss American Historical Society Review

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Donald G. Tritt


Switzerland, life in Switzerland, Swiss immigrants, Swiss history


The library from which this bibliography is drawn grew out of a longheld passion to know and to experience Switzerland, the land of my ancestors. As a young boy and with a lasting coziness, I recall falling asleep hearing my Swiss elders tell stories far into the night, stories of everyday life in Switzerland and stories of Switzerland's place in history. These stories fascinated me. I wanted to know what life was like in this far-away place. Readings about Switzerland began with casual book purchases. My fascination was greatly intensified when I would come across books descriptive of everyday life in Switzerland during my grandfather's youthful years and at the time of his emigration to the U.S. in the mid 1860s. In a personal sense these books represented a temporal connection to my Swiss immigrant grandfather Joseph Gustav Tritt (1842-1904) who I never met as he died 27 years before my birth. Later I would come to know of his early life in Columbus where he was a founder in 1889 and Secretary of the Helvetia Unterstützungs Verein (a beneficial society), an organization still in existence today.