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Swiss American Historical Society Review

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Second Harvest


Konrad Basler


Baptize, Together, Husband


We both felt that in order to compare our findings we ought to get together. Unfortunately, Mrs. Ebright's husband was in New York for two days, but she agreed to meet me the following day, at Lancaster's Historical Archives. Working there, we discovered that Jacob had opened an inn. The next day we went over to the Lebanon County Historical Society Archives, for it was in that area that "Jacob Epprieht of Bethel Township in the Country of Lancaster" had acquired land for his inn (at that time the lay-out of the lots looked different from today). At these archives we also found out that Jacob Eprecht and his wife Elisabeth's son Jacob, born September 18, had been baptized there. His godparents were Jacob Eprecht Senior and his wife Catharina. Having thus recovered the records of three generations of Epprechts-whose oldest member must have been the 18-year old Rudolf who had traveled on the Mary- I decided to leave further research to our American friends.