Swiss American Historical Society Review

Swiss American Historical Society Review

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Switzerland: 2050


Natalie Jomini


scientific advancement, Swiss technology, European relations, green energy, trade relations


Today, in the year 2050, Switzerland has changed immensely over the past fifty years. From watches to robots, Switzerland has redefined technology. Advances and difficulties overcome have propelled the Swiss to world leadership in many areas. Swiss industry, although maintaining past trends, has championed and led the world into an era of Artificial Humanoidal Intelligence (AHi). This robotics movement has changed the world's standard of living. Swiss hero, Maggie Meier, developed one of the first artificial humanoids, and the industry has taken off since then. In addition, Swiss continue their supremacy in pharmaceutical production. The country has pursued a vigorous medical science research program, constantly investigating and discovering new cures. Several new antibiotics developed from plant life made their way to the top of the world market over this past year. With these advances in medicine, the country attracts many people as a worldwide health center. Switzerland maintains its banking and tourist industries with a vibrancy, attracting more money and visitors each year. Unfortunately, the traditional watch building enterprises have suffered many setbacks. Fine watches, such as Rolexes, are still produced, although at a diminishing rate. The 20 production of cheese and the harvesting of vineyards for wine has greatly decreased. Industry has flourished through the coming of robots and the continuation of conventional Swiss goods.