Swiss American Historical Society Review

Swiss American Historical Society Review


Van Gunten Family, Swiss


Greetings To All My Family,

This sequel will supplement the family history of my great grandparents, John and Anna von Gunten, which I mailed you in November 1989. A family history is never really completed - it grows and grows and gathers a life of its own. In the past year enough additional material has been generated to justify this sequel.

In that original history I briefly introduced you to Gervais von Gunten, my third cousin, of Bienne, Switzerland. Recently he retired, this permitting him to devote time and money to his avocation - genealogy. Happily for us he has thoroughly researched our von Gunten ancestors, both men and women. He haunted the archives in Neuchatel, Sigriswil, and Bern as you will see later. In addition to sharing the genealogy of our ancestors with me, he has generously provided me with books on the local areas in Switzerland where our ancestors lived. He has also sent me postcards, travel brochures, and memorabilia Even the travel brochure, enclosed, stems from his sojourn in Sigriswil from where he sent me a copy in German. Later the Tourist Association of New York supplied me with 50 copies., this time in English.

This sequel has three purposes:

  • To update the von Gunten chart and furnish additional statistics generated by Gervais
  • To introduce you to the ancestry of Anna (von Gunten) Scheitter - all new information.
  • To describe the local histories of Sigriswil and Val- de-Ruz, the districts in Switzerland where our ancestors lived.

I hope you will enjoy reading this paper as much as I enjoyed researching it