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Dr. Maria del Pilar Guillèn Núñez holds early editions of the journal Runa Soncco that were authored and edited by her grandfather, Manuel Nuñez Butrón. (Arequipa, Peru in November 2020)

Dr. Guillèn Núñez began work to bring her grandfather’s legacy to life across the world. Dr. Guillèn Núñez, who is a professor of sociology at the Universidad de Arequipa in Peru, joined with Dr. Alisha Redelfs, a BYU professor of public health, and Dr. Paola Donoso, a BYU MPH student and physician from Ecuador, to research Butrón’s life.

Their peer-reviewed article was published in the American Journal of Public Health.

Photo Source: Maria del Pilar Guillèn Núñez


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